Jim Thompson of Dallas Has Had a Long Investment Advisory Career

Jim Thompson Dallas

Jim Thompson, Dallas businessman, is best known by those in the financial services industry as the founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Preston Hollow Capital, LLC (PHC). Most who know him agree; his level of client service is very high, which is no surprise, given the amount of knowledge and experience he has accumulated over his long career, which now covers about four decades in the financial services sector.

Over the course of his long career, for Jim Thompson, Dallas has become his one and only home. In fact, he is so dedicated to Dallas that, for 22 years before he founded Preston Hollow, he was the CEO of a diversified financial services firm called ORIX USA. Under his leadership, that firm saw enormous growth, as evidenced by their 1,400 employees, their assets of more than $5 billion and the $28 billion in third party assets they managed for others. Prior to his stewardship of ORIX USA, Jim Thompson also held senior management positions with Financial Corporation of Santa Barbara and Mission Hills Mortgage. From those two positions, he was responsible for various loan origination, securitization and other capital markets and investment-related functions.

Under the leadership of Jim Thompson, Dallas investment specialist, Preston Hollow Capital has become highly regarded for their status as a well-capitalized non-bank finance company that has expertise in municipal specialty finance. Over time, Preston Hollow Capital has managed to recruit a solid team of experienced executive management, structuring, trading, credit and business operations professionals. These savvy pros have demonstrated they are capable of working seamlessly to deliver the best quality experience for everyone. They do their best to ensure that borrowers and their agents have an experience that emphasizes flexibility, speed, and certainty, because those are the factors that make for the best borrowing experience.