Dallas Financial Services CEO Jim Thompson Cares About People

Jim Thompson Dallas

During his long career, Jim Thompson has made Dallas home. In fact, he is so dedicated to the Dallas Metroplex that, after serving as the CEO of diversified financial services firm ORIX USA for 22 years, He couldn’t even think about leaving Dallas. At ORIX USA, he created enormous growth, to the point that the firm had 1,400 employees, assets in the neighborhood of $5 billion of their own, and another $28 billion in third party assets they managed for others. When he formed Preston Hollow Capital he opened the firm in the same building as ORIX USA.

From the perspective of Jim Thompson, the Dallas Metroplex is a very important, very special place. That is why, when he decided to leave ORIX USA after 22 years and start Preston Hollow Capital, LLC, he started the new firm in the exact same Dallas building where he worked with ORIX. Jim is dedicated to improving the business climate in his community and, through Preston Hollow Capital, he has managed to pursue a two-prong strategy, in which he invests in fixed income credit and also participates in the acquisition of operating companies in such diverse industries as investment banking, asset management, mortgage origination and life sciences sectors.